Newbury Masonic Hall


Clarendon Gardens, London Road, Newbury

On A4 into Town Centre, Next to Texaco Garage.

Car Park Facilities.



After searching for many years to find a suitable home for Newbury Freemasonry, in 1899 a suitable property became available in Northbrook Street and this was purchased by the members of the Lodge of Hope No. 574. The upper two storeys were converted for masonic purposes and provided a Temple on the top floor, while on the first floor rooms were available for robing. This Temple was dedicated on 4th January, 1901 by the then Deputy P.G.M., W.Bro. J.T. Morland.

The foundation stone of the present Masonic Hall in London Road was laid by R.W.Bro. Lt. Col. R.H. Ingham Clark, Prov.G.M. and the completed Temple was dedicated by him later that same year on 14th December, 1961.